Former Executive Director, Developers Connect (DevCon)
Senior Manager for Market Development, Amihan Global Strategies

Haifa Carina is a community builder who leads and promotes various initiatives for the Philippine tech community and volunteers for Developers Connect (DevCon) Philippines.

Currently, she’s the Senior Manager for Market Development at Amihan Global Strategies, a strategic consulting company that designs and implements digital transformation alongside its clients. She’s the former Executive Director for DevCon Philippines, a national volunteer organization promoting collaborative growth and competence among developers in the Philippines. Prior to DevCon, Haifa was an iOS developer, project manager and consultant. She has bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Ateneo de Cagayan – Xavier University.

She's a community builder who promotes growth through collaboration not just for the tech communities but for individuals. During her term as director at DevCon, she led the growth of DevCon volunteers to leaders from all around the country.

Currently, she leads the Philippine Tech Community Leads Meetups where leaders of the tech communities convene every month to make further impact to the tech and developer ecosystem in the country through collaboration.

Haifa's Tips to Everyone:
Learn how to maximize time and work efficiently by always setting objectives and timelines. Set short term and long term goals and keep track of them.

Haifa also shared to her friends her valuable insights: Continuously build connections. Deal with everyone well, everyone even your "enemy" or not so easy to deal with people. Relationships are they key to success.

On her free time, she travels, climb mountains, or do the cliff jumping.

Haifa envisions a well-connected Philippine tech and developer community sharing support, resources and connections with strengthened reach not just in Metro Manila but all across of the country. While she's already working on it, we believe it will be realized soon.


What is "GOAB's Geek of the Week"?

GOAB’s Geek of the Week is a showcase of inspiring, fun and awesome geeks in the Philippines and Southeast Asia.

We define "geeks" as those who are passionate about something. GOAB has been known to celebrate geeks in the world of tech, startups, and design. But we love all kinds of geeks!

Geek of the Week is meant to shine the light on those among us who code, design, create, manage, and build things in the digital world that make life sparkle a bit more.

GOAB is trying to publicize the work of various geeks out there. So that your parents will know what you do. So that your children will adore you more as superheroes. So that you can serve as inspiration to the future Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Dado Banatao of the world.

Geeks rule the world.

We need more young men and women to take up careers in STEAM and pursue startups and other kinds of entrepreneurship. This project is for you!

Who can be Geek of the Week?

Here are some but not all descriptions: Coder, computer programmer, developer, software professional, website designer, software engineer, QA, graphic designer, web designer, mobile app developer, software developer, startup founder, marketer, digital marketer, content provider, hardware engineer, iOT professional, maker, business developer, hacker, hipster, I.T. Manager, I.T. Analyst, tech entrepreneur, geek professor, tech administrator, web admin, network admin, I.T. project manager. etc.

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How does it work?

Each week, we will pick one Geek to be featured in the GOAB website. Each month until July, we will pick a Geek of the month who gets FREE ticket to GOAB and geek housing for three nights. Airfare is not included. The Geek of the Month will be through community voting. At GOAB in August 2017, we will crown the Geek of the Year from among the three Geeks of the Month (May, June and July).



Founder, FilantroPH
Co-Founder/Manager, Hyperstacks
Geek of the Week: May 15-19, 2017


Founder, Iskwelahan.com
Geek of the Week: May 8-12, 2017